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Welcome to 360 Play. As a family business that has experienced many challenges over the last 2 years we understand that workplaces have become more remote over this period. Work patterns have changed and we have seen how much that can impact both small and large teams. 67% of UK employees say they are looking to their employers to offer a solution to improve their work/life balance*. That is why we have developed Corporate Away Play – a bespoke way to connect work with play, using our locations for your teams and their families to meet up, reconnect or just have a bit of a thank you from the boss.

We have all come to realise just how important in-person contact is for the well-being of children and parents. 77% of British People say that the most important thing to them post-pandemic is spending time with their families**. We strongly believe in the value of settings where people can meet up in person, play, learn and rediscover the joys of playing together.

Corporate Away Play gives employers the chance to show their staff that they understand how important this is, whilst also keeping teams connected, focused and feeling like valued members of the company.

*/** Office of National Statistics (ONS)

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